Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Tips For Invading Tree Roots

Concrete slab foundations are very popular in residential areas because they don't require as many installation steps compared to other options, and they're quite durable. That being said, tree roots can grow near these structures and cause issues. That's why you want to be aware of these repair solutions, even before this issue comes to light.  Fill in Cracks One of the worst things that can happen when tree roots start growing near your home's foundation is for them to enter foundation cracks. Read More 

Design And Build Contractors: Why And How To Choose Them

Anyone who has ever opted for the most common traditional project delivery method, design-bid-build, knows one thing: it comes with many issues. First, you need to hire different designers and building contractors, which is time-consuming and draining. That, in turn, elongates timelines and may lead to project delivery delays. Besides, working with different construction companies exposes you to potential complications arising from miscommunications and vendettas between contractors. Fortunately, you can avoid such problems by hiring one company that tackles your project's designing and building aspects. Read More 

Keeping Things Affordable When Having A New Home Built

Having a new home built often costs more than purchasing an existing home. And this does make sense. You're getting a brand new home, rather than one that's been previously lived in, and you're getting that home built according to your specific needs. But while new home construction typically costs more than already built homes, they don't have to be overtly expensive. Here are some ways to keep costs manageable when having your home custom built. Read More 

Understanding The Basic Types Of Work Zone Equipment

Work zone equipment is important to protect employees, contractors, and the public. It is a good idea to think about the equipment you'll deploy in 5 categories so you can develop a checklist of what to acquire. Let's examine those basic categories. Signals Especially from a liability standpoint, it's important to signal that an area is a work zone. This usually involves putting up signs, lights, reflectors, fences, or tape to let folks know there are nearby potential hazards. Read More 

A Helpful Guide To Soft-Story Retrofitting For Property Owners Looking To Be Better Prepared For Earthquakes

Earthquakes are one of the most devastating natural disasters that can happen today. They can cause building destruction in seconds, which is why you want to be better prepared for them if you're situated in an area that is vulnerable to earthquakes. Soft-story retrofitting helps with this by reinforcing various structures. If you use these tips, you can have more success with this process. Find Out if It's Required   Before you get deeply involved in soft-story retrofitting for a building you own or manage, you first want to see if this structural improvement is needed to begin with. Read More