When Do You Need To Service A Water Well?

Water well services are critical for keeping a system in top operating condition. Homeowners need to intervene quickly at the first sign of problems with a system in addition to ordering regular maintenance. Here are six times when it's prudent to contact a water well servicing company.

After Purchasing the Property

Even if everything in the water well system seems to be in good order, ask a technician to service the system. You want to have a known baseline for every potential problem. Requesting water well services from the start guarantees that you'll know exactly how long it has been since various forms of maintenance happened. Keep a calendar of when someone services the well going forward, too, so you can pull that information up quickly whenever a technician has a question.

Limited or No Water Flow

Wells are all a bit different in terms of available water pressure. However, you should have a good idea of what's normal. If the water flow declines, there could be a failing pump. Also, screens and filtration units might be clogged. The well could be low. If low levels persist, you may need to dig a deeper well.

Smells or Tastes

May problems can leave bad smells or tastes in well water. Bacteria in the system can cause both. Also, some minerals can be problematic. Even if the water is safe to drink, you might still find it unappetizing. Some safe forms of contamination can also cause problems for appliances, especially washing machines and water heaters. Ask a water well service company to send someone to test the system.


Some of the problems from the previous section also can discolor the water. High iron levels can cause rust which also promotes bacteria. You might also have cloudy water if bacteria or minerals are present. A professional needs to diagnose what the cause might be before choosing a solution.

Rising Electricity Consumption

You will need to rule out many other potential causes. Once you've ruled them out, you should consider whether the water pump could be a problem. If the pump is wearing out, it may cycle more often and consume more electricity. Also, a leak in the system could cause the pump to cycle frequently to maintain the levels in the tank.


A well's systems should operate fairly quietly. The pump could be a bit noisy, but you should have a sense of how loud is normal. If the system gets noisier than usual, it may be time to ask for water well services.

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