Having Your Home Propane Tank Filled For The First Time

Throughout North America, there are still plenty of homes that use propane as a heating and cooking fuel. If you've always lived in an all-electric home or one with a natural gas connection, moving into a propane-powered home will feel quite different. There will be a large tank either in the yard or below ground, and you will need to have it refilled by a professional propane tank filling company. Here are some tips that will come in handy the first time you have that done.

Let them know how much propane you have left.

Your propane tank should have a dial that shows you how full the tank is. This will look similar to the gas gauge on your car's dashboard. Usually, you want to call for a tank refill before the tank reaches the 1/4 mark. This way, if the company can't get to you immediately, you won't run out of propane in the meantime. When you do call the propane company, let them know the size of your tank, and also tell them about how full it is. This will help them estimate how much propane they'll be delivering to you, which will ensure they arrive with enough in their truck.

Clear the way.

When the previous homeowners selected a location for the propane tank, they surely chose a location that was accessible by the tanker truck. So, clearing a pathway should not be that hard. You may, however, need to move some patio furniture and other small items so that the propane fill truck can get close to the tank.

Ask for an inspection.

Since this is your first time having your propane tank filled, it does not hurt to ask the professionals to give it a quick once-over while they are there. Some companies will do this for free, and others may charge a small fee to do it. They'll let you know if there are any thin spots in the tank that might become holes in the coming months. Or, they may let you know if there are any valves that are leaky or damaged. You can then prepare to have these problems repaired before they become dangerous.

If you follow the tips above when having your home propane tank filled, you should have a good experience. Talk to the professionals to learn more. They can give you insight into how your unique tank works. For more information on a residential propane tank refill, contact a professional near you.