Crash Truck - Rental Advice For Short-Term Road Construction Projects

If you need to complete a short-term road construction project, then it's a good idea to rent out a crash truck. It can keep all of your workers safe if there's ever a collision around your worksite. Renting said truck won't be hard if you do a couple of things.

Test Out Controls in Person

The controls are one of the most important aspects of a crash truck used to improve safety around a road construction site. They are what you'll use to activate the signal arrows that direct traffic away from said truck and also the attenuator in the back that absorbs impact from vehicles that collide with it.

You should probably test out these controls in person so that you can make sure they're easy for you to manage. Then you won't struggle at any point throughout your rental period with said equipment. 

Make Sure Attenuator Extends Far Out

Probably one of the most important parts of a crash truck for road construction projections is the attenuator since it is the component that absorbs impact if it's ever hit. For the safety of your construction crew, make sure this component extends as far out as possible.

Then you'll have even more safety controls in place when working road construction on a short-term basis. Fortunately, when you order one of these trucks from a supplier, they will say how far this component extends in the crash truck's description online.

Look For Reliable Hydraulics

In order to extend a crash truck's attenuator to give your road construction site more protection from oncoming traffic, you'll rely on hydraulics. As such, you want to make sure the hydraulics are reliable and remain this way the entire time that you rent this crash truck out. Then you won't have any performance issues to worry about.

Again, this aspect of a rental crash truck might be something that you want to test out in person if you can. You can see exactly how the hydraulics move the attenuator in and out, making it easy to verify movement will remain optimal while you rent said equipment. 

If your company is tasked with a temporary road construction project, one of the best things you can do from a safety standpoint is rent a crash truck. It will protect your crew if there is ever a collision around your construction site. Just make sure your rental is relevant to your construction operations. 

For more information, contact a crash truck rental service near you.