Layout Tips For Your New Custom Home

Having a new, custom home built is always very exciting. You get to choose the size, the finishes, and the overall decorating scheme. The most important thing you'll design, however, is the layout. The way a home is laid out has a huge overall impact on how well you can live and thrive in that home. You'll work with your home designer and builder to create the perfect layout for your custom home. Here are some tips to consider throughout this process. 

Think about noise

When laying out your custom floor plan, make sure you consider how noise will travel from room to room. For instance, you may not want to put a bedroom directly next to the kitchen as this will mean whoever sleeps in that bedroom will get woken up by someone making coffee in the morning. You may not want to put a bedroom directly above a laundry room where someone will hear the washing machine whirring and churning. 

Traffic patterns

Also consider how people will move through the rooms, and how they will move from room to room. For example, people often go from the bedroom to the bathroom late at night, so you want those rooms a reasonable distance from each other. You may also want to avoid a layout that has people walking all the way across the home and up the stairs with heavy laundry baskets or kitchen items.

Plan for future kids

If you don't have kids now but plan on having some, you need to consider this when creating a floor plan. You'll want wide hallways so people can fit down them going in the same direction. You may want some separation between bedrooms so that you don't keep kids up if you go to bed later than them. 

Minimize building materials

Also, be aware that the way you lay out your floor plan will affect the building materials that are used. A more open floor plan uses fewer drywalls and fewer framing pieces since there are fewer walls. Layouts that include more than one staircase also use more building materials. If you have a limited budget, making a simple layout with fewer building materials will need to be a priority.

Creating the perfect layout for your new home does involve a lot of different considerations and steps. Keep the advice above in mind, and rely on your builders and designer for professional input, too.

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