Top Things You Should Know About Replacing Your Impact Windows

If your home has impact windows, you might have enjoyed the additional protection that they have provided for you and your family over the years. However, now, you might be thinking that it's time for you to replace your impact windows. If this is something you think you will need to do, these are some of the things you should know.

You May Not Have to Replace Them Yet

First of all, you could be thinking about replacing your impact windows simply because you know that it's been a long time since you had them installed. However, be aware that well-made impact windows should last for a long time. Before you just assume that your impact windows need to be replaced, you should have your existing windows inspected, unless you can tell on your own that they need to be replaced. A professional can inspect your impact windows to determine their current condition and can let you know if they are starting to degrade in quality. Once this happens, your impact windows will not do as good of a job of protecting your home, so replacing them will probably be a good idea.

They Might Be Covered By a Warranty

When you first had your impact windows installed, it's possible that your windows came with a warranty. In fact, many of the top manufacturers that make impact windows offer long-term warranty coverage. If your impact windows need to be replaced before the warranty period ends due to nothing that is your fault, replacing your impact windows might actually be covered by your warranty. Before you spend the money to replace your impact windows yourself, you should check to see if your warranty will replace your windows.

It's Important to Replace Them With the Right Windows

When you choose to replace your impact windows, you should make sure that you replace them with the right windows. You will probably want to go with impact windows again. If you're thinking about replacing your existing impact windows with regular windows, consider these reasons why impact windows are probably going to be a better choice:

  • Impact windows help provide better protection during storms.
  • Impact windows can increase your home's value.
  • Installing impact windows is a good way to protect your home from intruders.
  • Impact windows can actually provide an extra barrier of protection from UV rays, which helps protect your household furnishings, flooring, and more.

For more information on impact window replacements, contact a company near you.