Benefits Of Adding A Summer Kitchen To Your Home

Many historic homes were equipped with what is known as a summer kitchen. This term describes a second kitchen that the family could use during the summer months. If you're an avid cook and are thinking about hiring a contractor to build an addition to your home, you might wish to consider a modern-day summer kitchen. The contractor can build the addition in an area that suits you that is designed for use as a kitchen. This means that it will have space for appliances, countertops, and plenty of storage. Here are some benefits of adding a summer kitchen to your home.

Keeps Your Main Area Cool

Historic homes had summer kitchens because people cooked with wood-burning ovens. During the hot months of summer, using a wood-burning oven to make staples such as bread could heat up much of the house. Even though you cook on modern-day appliances, they can still make your kitchen and the area around it hot — causing your air conditioner to run longer and increase your cooling bills. When you have a summer kitchen addition, you can close the door between this space and the rest of your home. When the summer kitchen gets hot, the heat won't affect the rest of the house in the same way as if you were cooking in the main kitchen.

Provides A Second Cooking Space

While you might initially plan to primarily use your summer kitchen on the hottest days of the year, you may find that it's useful at other times, too. If you enjoy hosting meals in your home, the addition of a second cooking space can be handy. For example, if you have a potluck event after church, many people will arrive with food. Instead of having everyone gathered in your primary kitchen to put the finishing touches on their dishes, some people can work in the summer kitchen. This will create a less-congested work area for everyone.

Creates A Private Space

You might also appreciate how your summer kitchen addition gives you a private space for certain cooking-related activities. If you're baking a cake for your child's birthday party, for example, you could do so in the summer kitchen instead of in your main kitchen where your child might walk into the room and see the cake before it's time. If your current kitchen has an open-concept design that makes privacy difficult, having a summer kitchen addition with a door that you can close will be handy. Contact a home addition contractor such as Dog Star Construction to make plans for a summer kitchen addition.