5 Dog-Friendly Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation

Families tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and the family dog is no exception. Kitchens are often a side entrance to the home so they are frequently utilized by pets. Further, the kitchen is often the home to the dog's food bowl and sometimes even their kennel or bed. Making your new kitchen pet-friendly will improve its usability.    

1. Feeding Station   

A built-in feeding station means there are no more bowls to trip over or slide around the floor. There are a variety of ways to design this type of feature. One popular style is in a drawer that's inserted into a kitchen island or wall alcove. The drawer slides out to reveal the water and food bowl, but it can be slid out of the way for cleaning. Combine the feeding station with a tilt-out cupboard to hold the dog food for even more ease of use. 

2. Durable Flooring  

Even the best-trained pups can be hard on flooring thanks to the chances of their nails causing scratches and abrasions. Choose paw-resistant flooring that is also easy to keep clean since dogs have a habit of tracking in mud and debris. Ceramic tile flooring is one highly durable choice, but laminate flooring is another great choice if you prefer a wood look. Linoleum, vinyl, and wood flooring are most prone to pet damage. 

3. Hidden Garbage

Trash and recycling bins can be far too tempting for a dog, as many look at the garbage as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Solve the problem with hidden garbage and recycling bins. These are typically tucked into a special cabinet that pulls out to make the garbage center easily accessible. When not in use, slide the cabinet back in so that everything is sealed away from your pup. 

4. Pet-Proof Hardware

Dogs can be very smart, which means some are able to figure out cabinet hardware so they can get into stored food. Choose cabinets with latches so they can be easily pulled open without a bit of effort. Further, avoid any type of knobs or handles that a dog can hook a nail in to get open. On pantry and similar doors, use round turning knobs as opposed to level knobs that a dog can push down to operate. 

5. Built-in Bedding 

A corner of a kitchen is often the home to a dog's bed or kennel. This can be an unsightly addition to a newly renovated kitchen. If you have the space, such as in a kitchen island, consider installing a built-in under-counter kennel. The exterior can be designed to blend into the rest of your cabinetry. 

Contact a kitchen renovation service to discuss more dog-friendly ideas for your kitchen.