Is Bigger Really Better? 5 Reasons To Limit Your New Home’s Size

When most people dream of building a new construction luxury home, they envision a large and spacious floor plan. But is bigger always the way to go? Should you sacrifice some of that size in order to receive even better benefits in other ways? The answer may be yes. Here are a few reasons why.

1. You May Not Need It. A large house with many or bigger rooms is a luxury only if you actually use all its space. A busy family or a couple who run a home-based business might indeed use a lot of interior space. But be honest about how likely you are to regularly use a formal living room, extra bedrooms, home theater, or dining room. Don't waste money and space on underused areas. 

2. You Can Upgrade Amenities. If you don't spend as much on the physical structure of the house, can you spend the savings on crafting a better experience instead? Look at luxuries that make you and your partner or family happy — things like integrated sound systems, heated floors, a pool, a smart house, a spa bathroom, or the countertops you've always wanted.

3. It May Not Fit the Neighborhood. While a luxury home generally holds and increases its value well, it has to fit some parameters to do so. One of these is that it doesn't look so out of place in the neighborhood or community that it stands out in a bad way. A home that's much larger than all its neighbors isn't always a bragging point — it could even turn off buyers. 

4. You'll Have Higher Bills. All that extra space doesn't come free even after you finish paying for the construction. You'll need to heat and cool it, maintain more systems, clean it, and pay for property taxes. All these added costs don't go away just because you don't use the floor space particularly well. You may get a better bang for your buck by keeping things simpler and putting your money elsewhere. 

5. It Limits Options. A large floor plan seems like a way to increase your options. However, could the reverse really be true? Homeowners rarely make their home smaller later, so if you sacrifice outdoor space for a big house, you're probably stuck with it. On the other hand, you could create indoor/outdoor living spaces instead or even wait to see whether you really need more space or not. 

Where to Start

What is the right size for your new home? How can you use space efficiently, resulting in a home that feels large enough while allowing space and money for other things? Start finding out by meeting with a luxury home construction contractor in your area today.