How Asphalt Paving Is Used In The Transportation Industry

Asphalt paving is used in many industries, but it might be most commonly known among many people for its use in the transportation industry. In fact, asphalt paving is used in various types of transportation. Just a few common examples can be found below.

Building Airport Runways and Taxiways 

First of all, asphalt paving is commonly used in the aerospace industry. Airports often make use of asphalt paving in a variety of different ways, including in common areas of the airport grounds that are used by travelers and staff members. Asphalt paving is often also used in ways related to the aircraft themselves. For example, asphalt is commonly used to pour the tarmac where planes are parked. Additionally, taxiways and runways are typically made from asphalt, too. It's important for these areas to be paved with smooth, good-quality asphalt so that planes are not damaged and so that take-off and landing can be done properly and safely.

Installing Parking Lots and Roads

Next, of course, asphalt paving is very commonly used in regard to the use of motor vehicles. Parking lots and parking garages are commonly paved with asphalt. Additionally, roads and highways are typically paved from asphalt, too. This is true whether it's a small road that is mostly just used by people who live in a specific neighborhood, all the way up to major interstates and highways that are used by many drivers each day.

Installing Railway Beds

As you might already know, railroad tracks have to be installed out of durable materials so that they can last a long time and handle the weight of trains and their cargo. They also have to be designed in a way that trains can travel over them without any problems. However, railway beds have to be installed first before railroads can be installed. Railway beds are typically made from asphalt. After the asphalt paving job has been completed, then the other components of the railroad can then be installed.

Preparing Cargo Shipping Docks for Use

Shipping by cargo ship is a very popular option for shipping. It's particularly practical for international shipping and shipping of items that are very big and heavy or that cannot be safely shipped on planes. If you can't imagine how asphalt paving is used in this industry, you should know it's commonly used in shipping docks. Asphalt might be poured so that containers that are being shipped on cargo ships can be stacked and stored before and after shipping, for example.

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