Which Type Of Solar Panel Installation Should You Choose?

Get the most out of your solar system by choosing a solar panel installation method that is suited for your property and needs. Here are four types of solar panel installation.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

As the name suggests, the installers will mount the panels on the ground using supports such as metal frames or poles. For many homeowners, ground-mounted panels are better than roof-mounted as they offload the weight from your roof. 

Also, if your roof needs maintenance or replacement, you'll have to remove the panels. This is tedious and expensive. The process is avoidable if you choose ground-mounted solar panels. It can also have better energy production if you choose a system with a tracking mechanism. This allows the system to 'follow' the sun throughout the day by angling the panels. 

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels 

Unlike ground-mounted panels, roof-mounted panels take up less space. They are less expensive to install since they use existing structures. You don't have to deal with commissioning site surveys, digging holes, or buying concrete, poles, metal frames, or any other expensive equipment. It's a simple installation that capitalizes on unused space on your roof. It is also inconspicuous and frees your yard for things like playing or farming. 

Roof-mounted solar panels also have easier permitting processes. The only major requirements are that your roof should be structurally sound and the wiring should be up to code. The approval process is also shorter than that of a home or structure. 

The downside is that roofs have defined angles. You can't change the slope of your roof unless you reconstruct it. This means that your root-mounted panels might be less productive than other types of installations. 

Parking Lot Canopies 

A solar canopy is another way to efficiently use available space. Instead of mounting the solar panels on the ground, you can create a canopy in your parking lot. It is a great alternative for homeowners with electric cars as they can use renewable energy to charge their vehicles. 

Solar canopies also provide shade, which ensures that your vehicle doesn't heat up if you leave it all day. You can also orient the canopies for maximum production. Solar canopies are more expensive than roof mount installations because they require additional labor and equipment to angle them right. The upsides are fewer space restrictions and more energy production. 

Shelter Solar Installation 

Instead of mounting the panels on your garage, roof, or yard, you can use other structures on your property. For example, the gazebo or awnings you have on your property can serve as support structures.