Why Clay Tile Roofing Is A Popular Choice And Why You Might Want A Clay Tile Roof

Clay tile roofing is attractive, and you might want to consider it for your home. If you fell in love with clay tiles when you visited a warmer climate, you may wonder if the tiles are appropriate for a colder climate too. While these tiles aren't as popular in northern climates, it's possible to have these roofs put on just about anywhere.

Of course, you'll need to talk with a roofing contractor to learn about how clay tiles will respond to your weather conditions throughout the year. Here's why clay tile roofs are so popular and desirable.

Clay Tile Roofing Has An Upscale Appearance

You can put clay tiles on most types of homes, but they are common on luxury homes, so they are associated with an upscale appearance. If you're tired of the asphalt shingle look and you want something entirely different, then clay tiles would be an interesting choice.

Before making your decision, have your roof inspected to see if it can hold the weight of heavy tiles, and if not, how much it will cost to have structural support added.

The Heavy Weight Of Clay Tiles Can Be A Benefit

The weight of clay tiles can be a problem if your roof isn't able to handle the weight, but heavy tiles can also be beneficial. The extra weight makes the tiles stand up to strong winds in storms. Tiles are less likely to blow off than lightweight asphalt shingles. Plus, the tiles are more resistant to impacts from branches and hail.

Clay Tiles Are Easy To Repair

Clay tiles don't damage easily, but if they crack due to an impact, the tiles can often be repaired by sealing the crack or sealing a chipped edge back in place. The sealer comes in different colors, so the roof repair contractor can match the color of the roof, but if that's not possible, the sealant can be touched up with paint to make the repairs invisible.

Clay Tiles Keep Your Home Cooler In The Summer

One reason clay tiles are so popular in warm regions is that the tiles help keep homes cooler in the summer. This is possible due to thermal emittance. Clay tiles have the ability to emit heat instead of absorb it, and this reduces solar warming of your home.

Clay Tile Roofing Lasts A Long Time

Clay tiles will usually outlast asphalt shingles since the tiles are so durable. This gives you more years out of your investment. When you're comparing roofing materials, be sure to note how long the warranties last. The most high-quality and longest-lasting roofing materials come with the longest warranties.