The Benefits Of Using Trenching As Opposed To Blasting For Your Next Excavation

Is your company in need of professional excavation in order to clear out rock or sediment in order to make room for new construction, expansion, or the installation of utilities? Traditionally, rock blasting is the tried and true way of removing rock and sediment to clear a path or an opening for whatever needs to be done. Today though, many people looking for excavation help are instead turning to firms that can get the job done via trenching instead. Here's why trench work might be the right choice for your company's next project.

Fewer Vibrations in the Area Will Cause Less Disturbance to the Community and Will Reduce the Chances of Something Going Wrong

When you choose to literally blast away the rock, the act of blasting itself is obviously going to cause a shock or vibration to go down into the soil and the surrounding area. This might not be ideal if your firm is trying to keep the noise down for the local community or if there are already utility lines in the area that you don't want to damage.

By using trenching instead, you can remove the rock without causing as much disruption to the area. The local community will appreciate this and it will also reduce the risk of your company being responsible for causing damage to someone's property or a utility line.

Cut or Remove Rock With More Precision Instead of Just Blasting Away and Dealing with the Aftermath

When you just start blasting, you have to deal with whatever the aftermath is. Yes, you'll likely blast away the rock you initially targeted, but there might be additional rock or soil or sediment that gets shifted or moved as well. This can lead to a lengthy or messy clean-up process. When you use trenching instead, you can more precisely cut through the rock in just the areas that you need without creating as much debris to clean up afterward.

Get the Job Done Faster While Maintaining a Work Site That is as Safe as Possible

When you use blasting for excavation, there's a long list of safety checks you'll have to do to make sure the area is secured off and remains safe while the work is in progress. Setting up the site for blasting can take a significant amount of time to make sure it's done right. With trenching, you can still put an emphasis on safety but it's clearly not as dangerous as the act of blasting provided you have hired a seasoned professional. This means you can start and hopefully finish the project faster while of course retaining that emphasis on safety. 

For more information about the differences between trenching and blasting, contact a local excavation company.