Understanding The Basic Types Of Work Zone Equipment

Work zone equipment is important to protect employees, contractors, and the public. It is a good idea to think about the equipment you'll deploy in 5 categories so you can develop a checklist of what to acquire. Let's examine those basic categories.


Especially from a liability standpoint, it's important to signal that an area is a work zone. This usually involves putting up signs, lights, reflectors, fences, or tape to let folks know there are nearby potential hazards. Depending on the circumstances, you may also need to provide directions for drivers or pedestrians so they can route around the work zone safely. Cones and barrels can also help, and some sites may call for large electronic signs, too.

You should also signal the presence of vehicles, equipment, and materials. The classic orange flag on the end of beams of steel and wood, for example, is a basic signal. The same goes for triangular reflective safety signs on the backs of trucks and excavators.

Protective Caps and Covers

You also need to deploy work zone equipment to protect the folks doing the job. Companies often need to install brightly colored caps on the ends of potentially dangerous items. For example, you might need to cap the ends of rebar sections to reduce impalement risks. Corner guards are also appropriate for some types of machinery that people will be close to. Similarly, you might place a bright yellow cover over a hole or trench to reduce the odds that someone will fall into it.


People at the worksite will want to know the placement of dangerous items. If there is an underground electrical cable on the property, for example, you should place markers along its path to inform people of the hazard. Similarly, you may want to place flags on less visible above-ground cables and wires.

Securing Straps and Clips

Workers moving around some sites, especially ones that are high up, may need equipment to secure them. Straps and clips usually serve this purpose well. Anyone working on a ladder or a pole should consider this sort of work zone equipment.

Fire Equipment

Fire blankets are useful at sites where you may need to cut off the oxygen supply to a fire. Similarly, you should acquire appropriate fire extinguishers for the job. There are multiple kinds of extinguishers for use on oil, electrical, and chemical fires so make sure you buy the right types.

To learn more about work zone equipment, consult with a construction supplier today.