Design And Build Contractors: Why And How To Choose Them

Anyone who has ever opted for the most common traditional project delivery method, design-bid-build, knows one thing: it comes with many issues. First, you need to hire different designers and building contractors, which is time-consuming and draining. That, in turn, elongates timelines and may lead to project delivery delays. Besides, working with different construction companies exposes you to potential complications arising from miscommunications and vendettas between contractors. Fortunately, you can avoid such problems by hiring one company that tackles your project's designing and building aspects. This article tells you why hiring a design and building contractor is an excellent idea and what to consider when doing it.

Reasons to Hire a Design and Build Contractor

There are many reasons to work with design and build contractors. The most outstanding include:

1.       Potential cost savings

Design-build is more cost-effective in the long than that conventional project delivery techniques involving separate contractors. The reason is, first, hiring a design and build contractor exposes you to fewer risks. For instance, working with these experts minimizes change orders, which often drain your finances. That is more so when you work with co-dependent architects and builders that are on the same page.  

2.       Fewer disputes

Experts often argue and debate, but constructively. However, sometimes, they get into unnecessary disagreements that hinder progress and outcomes. That is a common issue that affects project owners working with independent designers and builders. Different contractors are likely to fight over trivial and significant aspects, including interpretations, design errors, and what each considers "the right way" to build. But, a design-build team is associated with fewer disputes because their experts discuss everything and agree upon a rational approach beforehand.

What to Consider When Choosing a Design and Build Contractor

The following tips will help you pick a suitable design and build contractor:

1.       Review available portfolios

Contractors have portfolios that showcase their best projects, expertise, and client feedback. Some of these are available online since some design and build companies display them on their websites. Reviewing a specific design-build contractor's portfolio is essential because it helps determine whether their taste and project quality meet your expectations. Plus, most portfolios contain photos you can use to gauge what a company offers better.

2.       Ask for references

Established design and build contractors have worked with different clientele in the past. Therefore, they are better positioned to provide references and a list of former clients. You can approach these people or organizations and ask them about their experience working with the company in context. Besides, they may enlighten you on what to expect when you choose the design-build approach, including surprises, cost overruns, and project outcomes.