2 Benefits Of Replacing Your Home’s Current Gutters With A Seamless System

The gutters on your house serve a key function by directing water away from the roof and siding. By doing this, they can help prevent erosion of the soil surrounding your home's foundation as well as prevent leaks along the edges of the roof.

However, especially with older gutters, ensuring that they are able to perform this function can mean a lot of work as well as money spent on repairs if they come apart and start leaking. If you are ready for a change, consider a couple of the benefits of having your old gutters replaced with a seamless system.

1.  Decreases the Time You Need to Spend Cleaning Out the Gutters

One benefit of having seamless gutters installed on your home to replace your old ones is that they decrease the time needed to maintain them. With your current gutters, you may find that you have to clean them out several times a year. This is especially true if you have trees around your home that drop leaves that become caught and build up around the seams.

However, with seamless gutters, there are no caulked seams that will grab onto the leaves, reducing the chance that they will clog them. Often, all it takes is a spray of the garden hose to clean them out once or twice a year instead of having to pull the debris out by hand.

2.  Decreases the Likelihood of Having Leaks and Fungal Growth 

Another advantage that seamless gutters have over their old counterparts is a decreased likelihood that the gutters will leak or encourage fungal growth. With your current system, you may have to have the seams recaulked every few years to prevent leaks that can lead to water entering your home, soil erosion, and mold/mildew growth under the gutters.

However, since there are no seams with the newer system, you do not have to worry about these issues. 

If you are tired of having to clean out your home's gutters several times a year while also having to deal with leaks and mildew growth underneath them, you may be ready for a  change. Even if your gutters are still in fairly decent shape, you may want to consider having them replaced with a better system. Contact a contractor in your area that offers seamless gutter systems to learn about more of their advantages as well as discuss your options for having one installed on your home.