3 Signs That Your Marina Is In Need Of Quick Repairs

There is nothing worse than trying to use a decrepit marina that is falling apart at the seams. While that might not quite describe your marina in its current state, if you are starting to see warning signs present themselves then it may be a good idea to consider marina repairs sooner rather than later. The more preventative work that you can do the better you can keep the signs of aging at bay, it is just a matter of being proactive about it all. Here are a few red flags that indicate your marina might need a few minor repairs to prevent major ones down the track.

Sagging Timber

Timber is often the main material used at marinas because it holds up so well in the constant swells and under a lot of water. However, just because it holds up well does not mean it will hold up indefinitely, and you will begin to see signs of sagging timber after a couple of years. Some timber boards may be worse than others, in which case they can simply be replaced while the stronger portions left alone. If you feel the boards buckle more than they used to underneath your feet then you should call up marina repairs as soon as possible.

Damaged Sides

Every now and then boats will come in a little too fast and can graze the side of your marina when they come in to dock. While that is not ideal, most of the time both parties can walk away with only minor scratches. However, after a build-up of these occurrences, it can be a good idea to have a marina repair crew inspect the area to see if any structural damage has been done. If any kind of wood or material has come loose in this process and you can see it in the water below, you will need a diagnosis about the health of your marina, even if it looks okay.

Presence Of Mold Or Rot

This can be a little bit trickier to identify because so often older marinas are stained with age and dirt, thus the signs and presence of mold, mildew, and rot can go undetected longer than they should. That is why it is a good idea to have a quite in-depth check of your entire marina's surfaces at least every couple of weeks. Look for weird spots that you can't otherwise explain, if you smell anything odd then report it immediately and use your finger to push against wood you suspect of being rotten to see if it will give way with minor pressure. If you do see any of these issues, call for a marina repair service to rectify these problems.